Established in 1986, the Pape Village BIA represents over 80 businesses along Pape from Mortimer to Gamble. Strolling along Pape Avenue you can find all your day to day needs including shopping, dining, grocery, health care, fashion, bakeries and financial institutions.

The BIA works with the businesses, government and the local community to make Pape Village a good place to live, shop and do business by:

  • Acting as the voice of the community and businesses with the government.
  • Maintaining and improving the streetscape with vibrant planters, banners, street cleaning, benches and other street furniture.
  • Promoting local businesses and liaising with the community through local events, newsletters and other marketing initiatives.

The BIA is run by an elected volunteer Board and the local Councillor.

Let us continue to be kind to each other and we will get through this together.

If you are continuing to shop local and support small businesses through this difficult time please look below for a list of Pape Village businesses that are open in our neighbourhood.

Name of Business Address OPEN/CLOSED
1000 Variety 1000 Pape Ave OPEN
241 Pizza 1029 Pape Ave OPEN – take out
Apple Laundromat 1009 Pape Ave OPEN
Atto Gifts 1026 Pape Ave

Order online at attogift.com

Pick up in store from 3-5pm

Bethany Baptist Church Foodbank 1041 Pape Ave OPEN – altered outside
Brothers Pizza & Wings 976 Pape Ave OPEN – take out/delivery
C Market 1006 Pape Ave OPEN
Cadona Flooring 1007 Pape Ave

Appointment only


Canadian Coin Laundry & Dry Cleaning 1036 Pape Ave OPEN
Cash Max 1023 Pape Ave OPEN
CIBC 1037 Pape Ave ATM’s OPEN
Cocomile Service Centre 955 Pape Ave

Appointment only


Danforth Veterinary Clinic 966 Pape Ave

OPEN – call ahead


El Greco 160 Floyd Ave OPEN – take out
Family Stop Dollar Blitz 1050 Pape Ave OPEN
Florida Really Greek 940 Pape OPEN – take out
Folia Grill 1031 Pape Ave OPEN – take out
Food Basics 1070 Pape Ave OPEN
George’s BBQ 1042 Pape Ave OPEN – take out
Greek World 996 Pape Ave

Appointment only/pick up

Shop online

Hansen’s Danish

Pastry Shop

1017 Pape Ave OPEN
I & N Dollar Store 1013 Pape Ave


Essentials only

Kiss the Frog 920 Pape Ave Curbside pickup, delivery and online shopping
La Grotta Pizzeria 951 Pape Ave OPEN – take out
Lippert Music Centre 970 Pape Ave Classes online
Mastermind Tutors 932 Pape Ave Working virtually
Mcdonalds 1045 Pape Ave OPEN – take out
Milk Mart Convenience 1034 Pape Ave OPEN
Money Mart 1038 Pape Ave OPEN
Mos Milk Convenience 1034 Pape Ave OPEN
Oriental Food Mart 1015 Pape Ave OPEN
Pape Medical Clinic 1018 Pape Ave OPEN
Pape Village Restaurant 942 Pape Ave OPEN – take out
Pharmasave 1018 Pape Ave OPEN
Pho Challenge 1025 Pape Ave OPEN – take out
Phyllo Cafe 1028 Pape Ave OPEN – take out
Princess Perfect Upholstery 963 Pape Ave

Appointment only


Proper Auto Class 995C Pape Ave OPEN
Scotiabank 1002 Pape Ave OPEN
Shawarma Frenzy 1011 Pape Ave OPEN – take out
Shoppers Drug Mart 1012 Pape Ave OPEN
Stanbury’s Pharmacy 1032 Pape Ave OPEN
Stany Greek Bakery 1015 Pape Ave OPEN
Subway 1016 ½ Pape Ave OPEN – take out
TD Bank 991 Pape Ave OPEN
Westwood Health 959 Pape Ave Online appointments available
Wireless Deals 1024 A Pape Ave OPEN
Workshop Gallery 947 Pape Ave Order online curbside contactless pick up and shipping
Wine Rack 107 Cosburn Ave OPEN
646 Weightlifting 1051 Pape Ave CLOSED
B. A. M. Trading 1010 Pape Ave CLOSED
Barcode Cafe 978 Pape Ave CLOSED
Bethany Baptist Church 1041 Pape Ave BUILDING CLOSED – no services
BGS Gift & Smoke 1024 Pape Ave CLOSED
Cafe Serano 1055 Pape Ave CLOSED
California Pub & Grill 914 Pape Ave CLOSED
Cheri Cosmetics 992A Pape Ave CLOSED
Cleopatra’s Hair Design 1040 Pape Ave CLOSED
Coffee Time 1021 Pape Ave CLOSED
Custom Jewellers 922 Pape Ave CLOSED
Dentistry on Pape 987 Pape Ave CLOSED
Dr. Alex Young 982 Pape Ave CLOSED
Dr. Olga Glusica Dentist 1019 Pape Ave CLOSED
East York Restaurant 1039 Pape Ave CLOSED
Elmer’s Fine Foods 1027 Pape Ave CLOSED
Freedom Mobile 955 Pape Ave CLOSED
HireaMaid 924 Pape Ave CLOSED
Homelife Olympia Reality Inc 916 Pape Ave CLOSED
Neo Hair Design 980 Pape Ave CLOSED
Nitsa’s 986 Pape Ave CLOSED
Pape Flower Market 1020 Pape Ave CLOSED
Pape Village Denture Clinic 987 Pape Ave CLOSED
Pepe’s Barbershop 936 Pape Ave CLOSED
Politeia 941 Pape Ave CLOSED
Red Stone Boutique 1014 Pape Ave CLOSED
Star Wireless 1004 Pape Ave CLOSED
Stretch Thrift Store 974 Pape Ave CLOSED
The Barbers 918 Pape Ave CLOSED
Vina Nail Salon 1022 Pape Ave CLOSED
ZEN Dental Hygiene Spa 925 Pape Ave CLOSED